Please read our tips about the assessment process before you apply. On this page you get to know which documents we need, to successfully survey your application. Your application should be prepared thoughtfully and with accuracy. We prefer to receive qualitative applications rather than high quantitative documents. Please also check your application documents for correct spelling, grammar and formatting.

To max out all your opportunities for a start with us, we will view your application documents in the entire concern.

For a complete application the following documents are required:

Your application documents

Cover Letter

Your cover letter should provide us with the information about your motivation to apply in our company. Please refer to the job announcement and mention your relevant work   experience.
Furthermore the cover letter gives you the opportunity to underline your qualifications and the reasons why you are the perfect applicant for the job. Please pay attention that the cover letter will not exceed one page.

Short-form Curriculum Vitae (CV)

A short-form CV is essential to evaluate your profile with regard to the position you are applying for. Content of your CV should be the history of your educational and working experience. Please also mention special qualifications which can be useful for your potential new job. For young applicants, who might have only few or no work experience, we recommend to indicate voluntary activities. This will help us to get a broader impression of your personality. In terms of clearness the CV should not exceed three pages. 

Certificates and letters of reference 

In addition to the statements you have made in your cover letter and CV, certificates and letters of reference will give us a detailed demonstration of your qualifications. Regarding school certificates, it is sufficient to submit the official document of the highest achieved graduation level. Letters of references and statements of additional qualifications should also be attached, if they correspond to the requested position. If you would like to apply for an internship at Harmonic Drive, please also mention the preferred time period, during which you are available for the internship. 

Application Process / Selection Process 

To submit your application, please use our online application-document.  

At the beginning we ask you to comply with our data protection regulations. This is the prerequisite to complete the application form. Afterwards personal information have to be stated and you can choose the intended position. Please note that in our online application form you may upload a maximum number of 5 documents. The size of each document is limited to 4 MB. Your application may be submitted in the formats pdf, jpg or zip. 
As soon as your application is successfully transmitted, you will receive a message. Additionally you will receive a message in which we confirm the arrival of your application. To ensure a trouble-free correspondence between us please use your local e-mail program instead of a provider. 

Reviewing your application 

After we received your application we will submit it to the corresponding department immediately. They will review your profile and decide whether your qualifications are appropriate for the position.  If your application is convincing for us, we will invite you for a personal interview in which we would like to get to know you and introduce our company.  After a successful interview we will usually invite you to a second visit to get a comprehensive impression of you personality and to show some perspectives in our company.


Do you have any questions about the company or a vacant position?

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