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Are you studying an engineering undergraduate degree and would like to transfer theory into practice? At Harmonic Drive UK you have the choice between a job as a working student, in which we can also supervise your final thesis, or a gearing internship. We support your start by giving you interesting exercises and letting you participate in important projects.


During the internship you can gather practical experience and improve your existing skills. With your work in engineering, you will contribute directly to our business success. We appreciate this and will of course pay an appropriate salary. If you have no opportunity for accommodation, we are pleased to help you finding an apartment. 

In general we offer mandatory as well as advanced internships. In your application please state, which form of internship you are interested in. In case the internship is obligated by your university, please also mention which skills should be facilitated. Finally you should tell us your preferred time and department in which the internship should take place.

Working student 

Harmonic Drive AG offers you perfect conditions to work in practice during your studies. You can support us hourly and gather not only practical experience but also receive an attractive salary.

Final thesis 

You would like to finish your studies with a practical and sophisticated final thesis? A project at Harmonic Drive AG, which underlies your thesis, might be the optimal opportunity for this. We offer interesting projects in the technical as well as in the business divisions, which will be elaborated in cooperation with the respective faculty. But we are always also receptive to new subjects. An early application, which states the preferred time and department in which the thesis has to be written, is very important to us.

Do you have any questions about the company or a vacant position?

Please contact our reference-persons.

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