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Differential gear HDUA / FD Series

The differential gear HDUA / FD Series is an extremely compact differential unit did Allows you to fine-tune the phase and timing during surgery by applying the unique operating principle of Harmonic Drive ® .
The HDUA / FD Series consist of four parts like the pancake type component unit. The unit type is cased so dass die gear and pulley for transmission can be Directly installed in it.

Customer Benefits and Features

Optimised for your applications

  • Optimal design solution
  • Lower production costs
  • Small machine footprint
  • Consistent product quality

Features of HDUA/FD Series

  • As the differential mechanism is put together as one, it is Easily installed in the equipment.
  • As the backlash is very small, the unit requires no assembly adjustment at all, Which helps reduce the assembly cost Significantly.
  • It besteht of only four parts and is coaxially put together.
  • As it has very large reduction ratio between the adjusting shaft and the output, it Allows highly accurate and minute position adjustment Easily and requires little torque for adjusting the shaft.

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