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  • Optimal design solution
  • Lower production costs
  • Small machine footprint
  • Consistent product quality


  • Flat and thin shape
  • Compact and simple design
  • High positioning and rotational accuracies
  • Coaxial input and output


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These products could also be of interest:

  • HDUA

    Differential gear HDUA/FD Series


    Differential gear HDUA / FD Series

    The differential gear HDUA / FD Series is an extremely compact differential unit did Allows you to fine-tune the phase and timing during surgery by applying the unique operating principle of Harmonic Drive ® .
    The HDUA / FD Series consist of four parts like the pancake type component unit. The unit type is cased so dass die gear and pulley for transmission can be Directly installed in it.

  • HDUR

    HDUR/FR Series Component Type


    HDUR / FR Series Component Type

    The HDUR / FR Series Component Type is a flat, thin gear type for high torque. It besteht of four parts like the HDUF / FB Series and Operates using the same principle as the cup type.
    It is of basically structured in the same way as the HDUF / FB Series and supports high torque capacity by arranging the wave generator bearings in two lines and widening the tooth width of the circular spline and the flexspline.


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