Harmonic Drive AG

Harmonic Drive ® products are associated with the highest quality standards and excellent precision. Since its inception more than 40 years ago, Harmonic Drive AG has adapted to become a solution provider for high-precision drive systems. Regardless of whether the application requires custom servo drives, direct drives, custom gears based on the wave gear principle or planetary gears: The more demanding the task, the better!

Convincing Quality: Harmonic Drive AG is certified according to branch-specific industry standards and requirements such as DIN EN 9100 covering the requirements of the aerospace industry. Other standards for environmental management by ISO 14001 and occupational safety by ISO 18001 are also met and reviewed annually.

Overall, we currently offer over 23 000 different products, of which more than 80% are customer-specific bespoke gearing solutions. And our minimum batch size is 1. This is possible because of our modular concept allowing us to implement customised solutions within a short time. And since the system is based on proven components, this performance is not at the expense of reliability.

Also, the Harmonic Drive AG offers a comprehensive range of services in order to ensure that the outstanding characteristics of the Harmonic Drive ® solutions throughout the product life cycle.

Please address any questions concerning repair and return of products or questions concerning the status of your current service contract to our technical support - we’re here to help!

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