Harmonic Planetary Gears

For applications requiring high accuracy but with a gear ratio of less than 45:1, we have developed compact and precise Harmonic Planetary Gears. These compact gearboxes are manufactured to the same high quality standard as the proven Harmonic Drive ® gears.

Backlash less than 1 minute of arc

By using a thin walled hollow ring gear in the output stage, backlash of less than 1 minute of arc is achieved. This special design means we can guarantee constant throughout the lifetime without any additional increase in backlash, we call this Permanent Precision.

Repeatability of less than 20 arc seconds

High precision manufactured components and the flexible ring gear as compensation mechanism are the basis for excellent repeatability within ± 20 seconds of arc.

High capacity output bearing

Due to the very compact and high capacity cross roller bearing, our planetary gear units have a very high tilting rigidity and excellent smooth running characteristics at the output flange.

Ratios between 3:1 and 45:1

The selection of standard gear ratios permits economical gear production resulting in an attractive price to performance ratio.