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Harmonic Drive® Products in use


40 years without any maintenance in space or 30 years of being built in to aircraft wings or under daily temperature changes between -60 °C to +40 °C – these are indicators of the reliability and quality of our products. New demands, such as special materials, extremely light constructions or dry lubrication have been developed for aerospace and defence purposes, only for them later to find use in our industrial products.

Medical Engineering

It is not only world class athletes who want to be fit again quickly after an operation, and today in most cases, recovery is being supported by more technologies which permit targeted training of the body parts affected. The secret of success is programmable movement sequences which can be implemented via a precision actuator. Reliable and precise drive technology is also a fundamental design requirement in the field of surgery.


Under the roughest conditions, with the greatest responsibility, and round the clock – defence system applications are faced with a whole series of specific challenges. Radar systems, reconnaissance aircraft and ground defences rely on Harmonic Drive® gears to ensure the protection of the people. They fulfil industry-specific standards, with life-long precision and zero backlash that ensure that the sector’s strict requirements profile is duly fulfilled.

Robotics and Automation

Robots have for a long time been taking over tasks which are too monotonous for humans to produce to the highest quality. With modern programming and performance improvements from drive technology, these helpers are now entering fields which were unthinkable a short while ago. This cooperation between man and robot has become an important trend in recent years – one meets each other in some sense.

Additive Manufacturing and Machine Tools

Is it possible to strike a Euro coin at a distance of a hundred metres? It is not only possible but must absolutely be achievable if high value machine tools are to be manufactured. Harmonic Drive SE products are used in particular at sites where space is limited. The layout in such cases is not defined by torque but rather by rigidity or by hollow shaft diameter.