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40 years without any maintenance in space or 30 years of being built in to aircraft wings or under daily temperature changes between -60 °C to +40 °C – these are indicators of the reliability and quality of our products. New demands, such as special materials, extremely light constructions or dry lubrication have been developed for aerospace and defence purposes, only for them later to find use in our industrial products.

Innovative and progressive

As one of the most innovative and progressive sectors in the world, the aerospace industry combines just about every leading-edge technology in a single complex of activities. The aerospace industry is where electronics and robotics meet measuring technology and control engineering with the ultimate objective of furthering the development and operation of aircraft, specialised spacecraft, and orbital satellites.

High demands placed on components

Whether passenger planes, spaceships or space probes – there is one thing that all flying objects have in common, whether they are in the air or in space. Their components are subject to enormous pressure and are nevertheless under great responsibility to perform. Such actuators must be capable of reliably fulfilling the demands placed on them. Besides positional accuracy and repeat precision, as well as high torque capacity and torsional rigidity, absolute priority is attached to the lightness and reliability of the components’ construction.

Out of principle: Harmonic Drive® actuators

The Harmonic Drive® principle enjoys a long tradition in aerospace applications. It is nearly a hundred years ago that the first Harmonic Drive® actuators left our planet on the Apollo 15 mission, where they contributed to the success of the moon landing. The confidence in our principle is based on its inherent nature – it prevents an increase in backlash in the teeth, combines outstanding positional accuracy and repeat precision, and is available in small dimensions and with low weight.

Broad application spectrum

The application spectrum of Harmonic Drive® actuators in aerospace is varied. While the CPL series and in-house developed, dry-lubricated Harmonic Drive® ZirconLine actuators are predestined for use in satellites, where they are employed among other things to control the orientation of the solar panels, special-purpose gears based on HFUC gearing technology are found in aviation applications, where they drive a wide range of safety-critical applications. Integrated as components in the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity, Harmonic Drive® actuators have been involved in researching the uncharted expanses of the Red Planet; as wheel drives, they were among the first marathon finishers to reach our neighbouring planet.

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Lightweight construction with large hollow shaft

The CPL Series lightweight gear component sets, Characterised by Their low moment of inertia and lightweight design, are available in five sizes with gear ratios of 50, 80, 100, 120 and 160:1 offering repeatable peak torques from 18 to 372 Nm and a power density of up to 735 Nm/kg.