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Robust, maintenance free and extremely reliable, sourced in Europe

More than 40 years ago the first Harmonic Drive ® Gears were sent into space during the Apollo 15 mission. Due to the excellent positioning accuracy and high power density, the strain wave gear principle has become established in many space applications where the expectations of precision gears are steadily increasing: in addition to the previously mentioned positioning accuracy and repeatability, they must have high torque capacity, high torsional stiffness, lightweight and compact in design.


The short series

CSD-2A Series Component Sets are available in seven sizes with gear ratios of 50, 100 and 160:1 offering repeatable peak torques from 12 to 823 Nm and a power density of up to 512 Nm/kg.

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From satellites and solar panels

A major application area for Harmonic Drive ® Gears in satellites is the orientation of the solar panels toward the sun. One example is the use of HDUC Series Gears, which are extremely reliable and maintenance free, operate in the septa 31 drives from RUAG Switzerland AG. In other Solar Array Drive Mechanisms, the extremely lightweight Harmonic Drive ® CPL-Gear Component Sets are used, which are available in different sizes and ratios. These drive mechanisms are used in small satellites which are equipped with a weight up to 500 kg and operate in low to medium orbits. The latest member of the family SARA 21, which has now been qualified, uses components from the CSD series.