Anwendungen_BauschundStröbel Anwendungen_BauschundStröbel

Compact, PLC controlled fully automated machine

The FVF 5062 packaging machine from Bausch + Ströbel is a universal machine for filling and closing vials and similar stable containers made of glass or plastic at high speed. The compact PLC controlled fully automated machine meets all the requirements set for processing valuable and sensitive pharmaceutical products. The design, construction and arrangement of all units lead to optimum LF flooding. That guarantees problem free operating in a clean room area, combined with an LF device or in an isolator.

100% in-process control

It is possible to achieve 100% in process control (IPC) of up to 18,000 containers per hour with the FVF 5062, without any loss of performance. The IPC is achieved by weighing tare weight and gross weight weighing. This machine can fill both liquids and powders. Depending on the version, the machine can also be operated both as an individual machine and also “inline” within a production line, with work units connected up and down stream.


The standard series

HFUC-2UH Series Units are available in 13 sizes with gear ratios of 30, 50, 80, 100, 120 and 160:1 offering repeatable peak torques from 9 to 9180 Nm.

Anwendungen_BauschundStröbel Anwendungen_BauschundStröbel

Large processing range

As the number of transport cells can be reduced as required, the processing range is very large, with the possible dosing amount lying at between 0.15 and 500 ml. Containers are transported in the working area in cycles with a rack transport system carefully handling the containers. The large processing range extends to objects with a maximum diameter of up to 86 mm and a maximum height of up to 180 mm.