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Weighing with a high throughput

The PRECISA series packaging machines from IMA are fully automated weighing machines for one hundred per cent weight control and selection of capsules and tablets. The machine can handle in a fully automatically up to 230,000 units per hour from a filling hopper into the weighing cells. Another outstanding feature of this series, in addition to the perfect performance data, is the fact it can be connected to the existing production processes.

Extremely compact design

As space in production areas becomes increasingly smaller, the design of modern packaging machines must also be improved with regard to weight and size. The PRECISA 150 packaging machine is characterised by its extremely compact size but also the gears used must also meet this requirement. To meet this demand, Harmonic Drive ® HFUS-2UH Series Units are used in varying sizes and with varying reduction ratios. In addition to their compact size and low weight, they also have a large hollow shaft. Because of the use of this advanced and innovative technology, the system can operate virtually vibration free even at high speeds.


The standard series

HFUC-2UH Series Units are available in 13 sizes with gear ratios of 30, 50, 80, 100, 120 and 160:1 offering repeatable peak torques from 9 to 9180 Nm.

Anwendungen_IMA Anwendungen_IMA

One hundred per cent weight control for maximum safety

The PRECISA 150 works fully automatically and is suitable for weighing pharmaceutical hard gelatine and HPCM capsules (including SUPRO and DB capsules). After the capsules are packed, the packs are transferred direct to weight control in order to guarantee one hundred per cent quality control. Faulty products are rejected at this point in this process and do not move on to the other packing process. This comprehensive control gives maximum safety and it is also immediately archived and analysed. The data can be stored in the system itself, printed out as a status report or sent to the company’s own server.