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Pure technology in the smallest spaces

The GROB G550 universal machine combines a compact and stable form of construction with optimum visibility and access to the machine space. As a further development of the G-module construction set, the basic set up is the same as for the G-modules: the X and Z axes are located on the tool side, the Y axis and others (A/B axle) are arranged to be mobile in the work piece. This guarantees the best possible dynamics and machine rigidity with optimum flexibility and is very cost effective.

Horizontal spindle location for maximum stability

The horizontal spindle location gives the machine maximum stability. The machine bed, the Y supports and the column saddles are inherently rigid welded constructions. The Y saddles and the turntable/rotary table housings are cast constructions. Being set up and orientated with three level adjusters, the universal machine is further stabilised by two additional level adjusters.


Increased precision output bearing and flexible connectivity

The CPU Series Units are available in nine sizes with gear ratios of 30, 50, 80, 100, 120 and 160:1 offering repeatable peak torques of from 9 to 1840 Nm.

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Anwendungen_GROB Anwendungen_GROB

Axis control with the best possible degree of freedom

Three linear and two circular axes enable 5 axis machining and 5 axis simultaneous interpolation. The universal machine thus offers the highest degree of freedom with 240° in the A axis and 360° in the B axis.

Comprehensive basic package with options

The basic package includes workspace flushing, tool uptake, feed to the internal coolant, a tool magazine and the disposal of swarf with an integrated coolant unit. The Harmonic Drive® CPU Series Units are used for loading and unloading the tools. Excellent positioning accuracy from the tilt resistant output bearings and compactness are the important requirements of Gear Units. An optional pallet changer allows for parallel loading of the machine whilst it is operating. The tool magazine option also offers the possibility of taking 167 tools or up to 221 tools.