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The highest machining quality with highly dynamic motion control

Special machines from MAKA are designed specifically for the highly dynamic processing of mouldings, sheets and profiles. All the machine designs guarantee high dynamic stiffness and thus provide the necessary criterion for the very best machining quality with highly dynamic movements. In order to take account of the increasing range of component variants, all machine developments are geared to high speed cutting.

HSC machining

For years there has been an ever greater emphasis on using wood, plastic and aluminium components in a wide range of applications. The aim of MAKA high performance machining centres is to achieve high traversing speeds with high precision for all axes. Harmonic Drive® FHA and CHA Series Hollow Shaft Actuators are used in the cutter head of the special machine. Thanks to the reinforced output bearing with maximum tilting capacity and precision, the actuators can absorb high payloads quickly and easily and feature a long service life. Due to their high positioning accuracy, stable machine characteristics with short cycle times are guaranteed.


Large hollow shaft with flange mounting

The FHA-C and CHA Series Servo Actuators with central hollow shaft consist of a synchronous servo motor, a component set and a special output bearing developed specifically for the series.

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Anwendungen_MAKA Anwendungen_MAKA

Highly dynamic digital axis drives

The integrated hollow shaft is used to feed through supply lines, thus ensuring a space saving design. The FHA and CHA Series offer various options for motor feedback systems, brakes, cables and connectors. With their high protection ratings and excellent corrosion resistance, the series are ideal for use in harsh environmental conditions.