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Fast all rounder

Compact, precise, agile and fast: the KR AGILUS robot series are masters of speed. When handling tasks, in particular "pick and place", the KR AGILUS achieves impressive results with minimum cycle times. At the same time, this small family of robots is very precise and allows production quality of the highest level.

High torque capacity

The highly integrated embedded precision CobaltLine Gears from Harmonic Drive AG are included in all six axes of the small robot for a safe and reliable power transmission. The CobaltLine Series Gears have 30% more torque capacity and lifetime increased by 40%, when compared to the HFUC technology, which has been achieved by optimizing the Flexspline and Circular Spline teeth and adapting the shape of the Wave Generator.


Maximum torque capacity with extended temperature range

CobaltLine®-2UH Series Units are available in six sizes with gear ratios of 50, 80, 100, 120 and 160:1 offering repeatable peak torques from 23 to 841 Nm.

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Anwendungen_KUKA Anwendungen_KUKA

Full functionality in the smallest space

To save space, the power supply is integrated in the KR AGILUS robot. The KR 6 R900sixx achieved both points close to the robot base as well as in the overhead area. The maximum range is 901 mm. It is adaptable not only by its size ratio, agility and range, but can also be operational from floor, ceiling or wall mounting positions

Compact control and flexibility

The KR AGILUS is controlled with the compact version of the KR C4 universal control technology KR C4, which offers the high performance and reliability of it bigger brother but in a compact design. Due to its open architecture, the KR C4 compact controls next to KUKA robots and external axes for maximum flexibility, scalability and performance in the smallest space.

Safety first

The KR AGILUS has its own KUKA Safe Operation functionality that significantly simplifies and improves the cooperation between man and robot. The software and hardware components of the KUKA Safe Operation monitor speeds and work spaces of robot and external axes. This makes the mechanical axis superfluous and opens up new, inexpensive ways of human robot cooperation.