Anwendungen_UniversalRobots Anwendungen_UniversalRobots

Little powerhouses from Denmark

Large industrial robots are usually expensive to buy and take up a great deal of space, making flexible robots the perfect solution for small and medium sized firms. The small power packs produced by Danish manufacturer Universal Robots are making a major contribution to optimising production processes. They are so flexible that they can be used on a number of different machines in turn and can be moved from one location to the next at short notice.

High torque, dynamic operation

Universal Robots, UR five series, use Harmonic Drive AG's, zero backlash gears on all axes. The HFUS-2SH Series Units, in four different sizes, work at rated torque levels over 100 Nm at less than 1kg inherent weight. Their single-stage 100 : 1 reduction provides sufficient torque capacity at the robot's joints, without having to use powerful, and thus heavy, motors.


Compact with largest hollow shaft

HFUS-2SH Units are available in nine sizes, with gear ratios of 30, 50, 80, 100, 120 and 160:1 and repeatable peak torque settings between nine and 1,840 Nm.

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Anwendungen_UniversalRobots Anwendungen_UniversalRobots

The clear advantage

Universal Robot’s flexible robots clearly have the advantage here, offering space savings thanks to their ability to be built directly into a system. Fitted with special purpose grippers, these robots can take parts direct from the machines and finish them with incredible precision. They can sort and even count different parts automatically, eliminating the need for manual labour and saving time. Another advantage of the Universal Robots machines is that they can be used without safety fences and electronic safety systems, depending on their function. A detailed risk assessment is essential for this.

Production autonomy

As robots can work largely autonomously, they improve production and allow longer hours: manufacturing can run late into the night or start earlier in the day. Ironically they can also do the reverse; reducing operating hours considerably. For instance, applications which used to need 100% manual operation can now be run on a ten-hour graveyard shift. Another good reason to use robot technology is that it is flexible, user-friendly and cost effective - even for small and medium size enterprises.