Anwendungen_ASYS Anwendungen_ASYS

Special design for clean room operation

The ASYS robot programme is produced as a freely combinable modular system. Through the decades of experience in robotics optimal solutions can be offered for applications, especially in high vacuum, ultra-high vacuum and clean rooms. The SCARA-AAR 740 displayed here represents a proven special version for clean room operations. Fitted with a single paddle, the arm has a reach of up to 786 mm and a vertical stroke of 50 mm. It can pick up a load of 2.5 kg (including paddle).


Large hollow shaft with flange mounting

FHA-C Series Hollow Shaft Servo Actuators combine a synchronous servo motor, CSD Series Component Set, feedback sensor and a specially developed output bearing.

Anwendungen_ASYS Anwendungen_ASYS

Stable machine characteristics for short cycle times

The output bearing with high tilting capacity integrated within the Harmonic Drive® FHA-C Series Servo Actuators often allows direct attachment of heavy payloads without any further support and thus makes for easy and space saving design installations. The accurate positioning of the actuator ensures stable machine characteristics with short cycle times, lower rejection rates and consistent quality.