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Modern remote controlled weapon systems

KONGSBERG Protech Systems is one of the world's leading manufacturers of remote controlled weapon systems. A Remote Weapon Station (RWS) is a remotely operated weapon station for light and medium weapons, which is mounted on a vehicle. It is used in modern military vehicles with the aim to provide maximum protection to the soldiers in the field.

Full protection for the operator

The PROTECTOR weapon station is designed for small and medium caliber weapons and can be installed on any type of platform. It is fully stabilised, combat proven and is qualified for global operations. The system is operated from inside the vehicle, providing full protection for the operator. The PROTECTOR weapon station is currently in use in 17 countries.


Compact with largest hollow shaft

HFUS Series Units are available in nine sizes with gear ratios of 30, 50, 80, 100, 120 and 160:1 offering repeatable peak torques from 9 to 1840 Nm.

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High accuracy and high power density

Harmonic Drive AG supplied gears and actuators for use in the main rotation and pivot axes of the weapon station and in the rotate and swivel axis of the camera. Important factors for the selection of Harmonic Drive ® Gears were the high accuracy, low weight, the hollow shaft for implementing a slip ring and the high power density. Due to the high demands, close dialogue with KONGSBERG was critical when specifying the special lubricants and materials used in this application.