Strong Roots - The Strain Wave Gear principle

The roots of Harmonic Drive AG can be traced back to the invention of the strain wave gear by Walton Musser in 1955. Originally designed for the aerospace industry, the outstanding features of this gear principle offering backlash free, compact and lightweight and high reduction ratio all in one quickly benefitted other areas of technology.

Markt Orientation

Since its inception more than 40 years ago, Harmonic Drive AG has changed from a component supplier to a solutions provider for high precision drive technology. An evolutionary process driven by market forces now sees the development of new technologies, with individual application advice and subsequent custom design and production. Currently, Harmonic Drive AG offers over 23,000 different product variants, of which, over 80 % are customised solutions, with production batch from size 1.

Future system

Our factory expansion and construction of new production lines in 2013 has paved the way for increasing productivity and throughput and reducing lead times and production costs. This includes not only an increase in the production capacity in the gear and motor manufacturing but also an extension of the vertical integration in the production of cross roller bearings.

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