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Management Philosophy

Our management philosophy sets the unchanging goals that we want to achieve through the corporation. As means to fulfilling our management philosophy we have management policies, which change over time to adapt to the current realities. For carrying out those management policies we draw up strategy plans. These three elements, our management philosophy, management policies, and strategy plans, make up our management plans. Our goal: Total Motion Control.

The management philosophy that sustains our company and enables us to grow can be described as follows.

harmonic_drive_servo_actuators harmonic_drive_servo_actuators

I. Respect for the Individual

Harmonic Drive AGaspires to be a company where the rights of every individual employee are respected, and where individuals can pursue a meaningful, cultural, and worthwhile life. We will make Harmonic Drive AG a company that believes in each employee's aspirations, supports independent activities, creates an environment where employees can maximize their abilities through work, and where abilities and performance are rewarded.

II. A Meaningful Company

Harmonic Drive AG wants to be recognized as a meaningful, superior company which manifests creativity, has personality and distinctive characteristics, and whose management foundation is based on ceaseless research and development activities and a constant emphasis on quality - a company where the entire organization finds meaning in making utmost efforts.

III. Coexistence and Co-prosperity

Harmonic Drive AG is supported by many different parties including our employees, customers, shareholders, materials and parts suppliers, affiliated companies and trading partners. We make our best efforts to create attractive products, services, compensation, working environments, and trading relations to satisfy all these concerned parties.

IV. Contribution to Society

Harmonic Drive AG broadly contributes to society and industry through our corporate activities as a good corporate citizen. The products and services we provide directly and indirectly contribute to the betterment of society. We aspire to be a company that helps to improve the environment and the quality of the communities where we are located.

Total Motion Control

Management Philosophy                                          

I.    Respect for the individual

II.   A meaningful company

III.  Coexistence and co-prosperity

IV.  Contribution to society

Management Policies                           

  • Basic policies                                             
  • Long-term business strategy                                      
  • Environmental policy                                                                   

Strategy Plans

  • Medium-term management plans
  • Priority goals
  • Quality assurance activity plans
  • Education and training