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Welcome to Harmonic Drive SE, the pioneering force in Aviation and Space electromechanics solutions!

Join us at the Farnborough Airshow from 22nd to 26th July 2024, where we're showcasing our latest innovations in Hall 4, Booth 41131.

As market leaders, we're committed to precision, customer satisfaction, customization, and quality, setting the standard for the industry. Be among the first to experience our cutting-edge technologies that redefine the future of aerospace engineering.

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Elevating Aviation and Space Engineering

1. Customised Precision

Harnessing our extensive heritage and technical prowess, we craft custom-made drive mechanisms with meticulous precision, perfectly aligned with customer unique specifications and requirements.

2. Decades of Expertise

Drawing from over 50 years of experience in aviation and space, our seasoned engineers deliver bespoke solutions that reflect our deep-rooted expertise and track record of success, setting new standards in electromechanical innovation and reliability.

3. Unrivaled Quality Assurance

Harmonic Drive® Gears are the "The Original" 

With global leading engineering and cutting-edge manufacturing technology we uphold the highest standards of quality throughout every stage of production, ensuring reliability, durability and performance excellence in every product we deliver.



At Harmonic Drive SE, we are proud of our engineering capabilities to offer unmatched customization options, ensuring our products meet the most rigorous demands. From meticulously chosen components to finely tuned interfaces and optimal lubrication selection, every detail of our solutions is crafted to your precise specifications. Whether navigating the blistering heat of aerospace applications or enduring the deep temperatures in space, we excel in delivering solutions that surpass expectations even in extreme temperature environments.

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