Harmonic Drive® Drive Technology

Our new HHA

Reliable precision in the highest purity

Available in three sizes: With the new stainless steel actuator of the HHA series for hygienic areas, germs and bacteria don't stand a chance.

Precision stainless steel motor

1. Waterproof performance

Whether high-pressure steam cleaning or sterilisation processes, the HHA remains unimpressed and ensures smooth, uninterrupted operation.

2. Resistant to cleaning agents

Worry no more about corrosive cleaning chemicals. Our precision drive is made of materials that withstand the toughest cleaning agents and disinfectants and guarantee a long service life.

3. Sealed for protection

Our HHA precision actuator has a robust sealing concept and housing design that protects it from moisture and prevents the ingress of water or cleaning residues. This means worry-free operation for a lifetime, especially in food processing and manufacturing.



The inside of the drive consists of our latest components "Made in Limburg". This includes not only the performance-enhanced hollow shaft gear and the self-developed motor. The tilt-resistant and high-performance cross roller bearing as well as one of the three available feedback systems also come from Harmonic Drive®, which means that here, too, the full consulting competence and the possibility of adapting to your customer application are still available.


The hollow shaft of the HHA allows sensor lines, cleaning devices, compressed air hoses or cables to be fed through in order to monitor the progress of the overall process and to further advance automation. Precise control of dosing valves is often essential, especially in dosing and filling systems. By additionally installing sensors through the hollow shaft, large cable chains can be avoided.


With the EnDat 2.2, Hiperface, BiSS-C and SSI + Sin/Cos feedback interfaces available as standard, compatibility with leading controller manufacturers is assured. The 8-pole PMSM AC Motor is perfectly matched to the Harmonic Drive® gear in terms of construction and electrical design and delivers maximum efficiency even in demanding positioning tasks and motion cycles.

Your Needs – Our Expertise

Reliable precision, maximum cleanliness and space-saving hollow shaft: the new HHA is predestined for hygienic design applications. But it's not the only one – so are we. Our experts are ready to give you comprehensive advice and answer your questions. Contact us today.

Technical data

You can find more detailed technical information and data on the HHA series on the corresponding product page. We will also be happy to assist you by phone or e-mail.

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