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Smart System IHD


Stiff as a direct drive, compact as a gearmotor, intelligent as never before. The IHD servo actuator – your future drive solution. All-in-one.

One system, countless possibilities

1. Drive with processor

Scope for development. With the integrated application processor, the IHD becomes a flexible and progressive Smart System. The processor enables own programming and future applications in the field of condition monitoring.

2. Plug and Play

Trendsetting, sustainable and efficient – thanks to its software, the IHD is ready for use as a smart system in no time. To master initial positioning tasks, all that is required is to establish a connection via LAN and enter parameters in the user interface.

3. Stiff as a direct drive

.. and as compact as a gearmotor. Thanks to innovative technology, the IHD servo drive meets highly rigid drive requirements. Precise positioning without the influence of the load from the application.


Save time and space with the IHD all-in-one solution: Due to optimal coordination of motor, gearbox, feedback system, controller and other components, the classic control cabinet is no longer required. The hollow shaft of the servo drive is also predestined for space savings and maximum freedom of integration.



Whether communications technology and communication, automation and handling or special environments – as a drive unit, the IHD defies the most diverse circumstances and requirements.


We know: The integration of many individual components and parts is tedious. Efforts and complications with controller integration, cabling and EMC behavior are just examples from a long list. The IHD takes this burden off your shoulders as a system solution, saving not only costs but also valuable time – and doing away with the space-consuming control cabinet. Experience innovation. #IHD2022


A compact, highly integrated all-in-one solution lacks power? The IHD disproves this hypothesis. Thanks to new, segmented winding technology, the IHD's AC servo motor has a high power density. The thermal optimization of the IHD design also makes the system the perfect module for high-performance applications in both stationary and mobile drive technology.

Your Needs – Our Expertise

Plug & Play, All-in-one and highly integrated: The IHD takes the load off your shoulders. But it's not the only one – so do we. Our experts are ready to give you comprehensive advice and answer your question. Get in touch today.

Technical data

More detailed technical information as well as the comprehensive engineering data for the IHD series can be found on the corresponding product page. We will also be happy to assist you by phone or e-mail.


A software-supported, highly integrated servo drive with electric motor must also perform under harsh conditions. The IHD system meets exactly this requirement – and has been awarded protection class IP68 for it.

What conditions this may be, you will learn in the video.

FAQs about the IHD

Which interfaces for communication with the controller are supported?

Communication with the machine controller is possible via CANopen, Ethernet and EtherCAT.

How does the startup via Plug & Play work?

For quick and easy commissioning, the software solution "IHD Motion Control" specially developed by Harmonic Drive SE is available. The software offers the possibility to connect to the Smart System IHD via WLAN or LAN. Once the connection has been successfully established, limit values can be set and configured in a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to set up the travel range and the torque for initial tests, among other things. The current drive parameters are displayed within the "IHD Motion Control" software for the purpose of monitoring the speed, position and temperature of the drive.

What voltage does the IHD support?

The system works with DC voltages of 24V or 48V.

Where can the IHD be used?

The IHD servo drive has a wide range of applications. Due to its compact design, highly integrated composition and innovative as well as sustainably designed processor technology, the system fulfills the most diverse requirements and framework conditions. The freedom in programming the integrated application processor leaves room for diverse application algorithms for controlling speed and position controllers as well as other drive parameters. Markets such as telecommunications and communication, automation and handling as well as special environments and applications in the field of pan and tilt, laser measurement technology, antenna and camera positioning, radar systems and many more represent an excerpt of the field of application.

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