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Features of HDUA/FD Series

  • As the differential mechanism is put together as one, it is Easily installed in the equipment.
  • As the backlash is very small, the unit requires no assembly adjustment at all, Which helps reduce the assembly cost Significantly.
  • It besteht of only four parts and is coaxially put together.
  • As it has very large reduction ratio between the adjusting shaft and the output, it Allows highly accurate and minute position adjustment Easily and requires little torque for adjusting the shaft.


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  • HDUF

    HDUF/FB Series Component Types


    HDUF / FB Series Component Type

    The HDUF / FB Series Component Type has Pursued flatness and thinness . It consists of four parts and Operates using the same principle as the cup type series. The flexspline of the pancake type is shaped like the flexspline of the cup type with a cut bottom and is structured to have at additional circular spline with the same number of teeth as the flexspline.

  • HDUR

    HDUR/FR Series Component Type


    HDUR / FR Series Component Type

    The HDUR / FR Series Component Type is a flat, thin gear type for high torque. It besteht of four parts like the HDUF / FB Series and Operates using the same principle as the cup type.
    It is of basically structured in the same way as the HDUF / FB Series and supports high torque capacity by arranging the wave generator bearings in two lines and widening the tooth width of the circular spline and the flexspline.