Component Set SHG-2A

Maximum torque capacity with largest hollow shaft

The SHG-2A Series Component Sets are available in ten sizes with high gear ratios of 50, 80, 100, 120 and 160:1 offering repeatable peak torques from 23 to 3419 Nm and a power density of up to 510 Nm/kg.

Highest torque and largest hollow shaft

If required, the component sets are available as custom gear configurations tailored to your application. By limiting the components to just those that are necessary. They are very lightweight and compact. The series covers a wide torque range and features a long service life.

Enlarges hollow shaft

The enlarged hollow shaft can be used to feed through supply lines, shafts or cables for further drive systems. Due to their positioning accuracy, stable machine characteristics are guaranteed.

Performance range

Number of sizes 10
Ratio i [] 50 - 160
Repeated peak torque TR [Nm] 23 - 3419
Maximum input speed nin (max) [min-1] 2800 - 8500