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Optimised for your applications

  • Reduced set up time
  • Increased operating reliability
  • Shorter time to market
  • Increased machine throughput
  • Increased productivity
  • Optimal design solution
  • Easy load connection
  • Low manufacturing and installation costs
  • Flexible control configuration
  • Consistent quality
  • High availability
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Reduced maintenance costs


  • Servo controller available
  • High dynamics
  • Integrated high capacity output bearing
  • Permanent Precision®
  • Various feedback systems
Engineering Data

Engineering Data

FFM Servo Motors

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Product brochure

Compact actuator with Planetary Gear

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Technical data

Change size Unit HPGP-32A + FPM-0800
Ratio i [] 21 33
Maximum output torque Tmax [Nm] 338 400
Maximum output speed nmax [min-1] 167 106
Continuous stall torque T0 [Nm] 170 267
Backlash [arcmin] <= 1 <= 1
Brake holding torque TBr [Nm] 338 400
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These products could also be of interest:

  • LynxDrive® HIPERFACE DSL®

    Compact actuator with high corrosion protection

    LynxDrive® HIPERFACE DSL®

    The Servo Actuators LynxDrive-20D combine a synchronous servo motor, Unit from the CobaltLine®-2UH Series, feedback sensor and a cross roller output bearing. Available in size 20 with five gear ratios between 50 and 160:1, the actuators can provide maximum torques from 73 to 120 Nm. The output bearing with high tilting capacity can easily withstand and accurately handle heavy payloads.

    The assembled HIPERFACE DSL® motor feedback as single cable solution is a digital enhancement of the communication between motor and controller. The interface only requires a minimum of connecting lines, because the robust and fail safe data transmission takes place for the first time ever via the motor cable. In addition, data of other sensors can also be transmitted via the digital motor feedback protocol. The innovative motor feedback system offers functional safety with the possibility of remote maintenance into the actuator. By combining the LynxDrive® Actuators with the specially adapted YukonDrive® Servo Controllers, it is possible to provide a single source supply for a preconfigured drive system tailored to suit your application.

    The accurate positioning of the actuator ensures stable machine characteristics, short cycle times and minimum space requirements. With high protection ratings and corrosion resistance, the series is perfectly suited for use in harsh and demanding environmental conditions.

  • AlopexDrive®

    Largest hollow shaft with extended temperature range


    AlopexDrive® Series Hollow Shaft Servo Actuators combine a synchronous servo motor, especially developed for mobile applications and extreme environmental conditions, and a Unit from the CPU-H Series. Available in six sizes with gear ratios between 30 and 160:1, the actuators can provide maximum torques from 9 to 647 Nm. The output bearing with high tilting capacity allows direct attachment of heavy payloads without the need for further supports, thereby providing simple and space saving design installations. To adapt to your specific application, the AlopexDrive® Series offers many possible configurations of motor windings, motor feedback systems, motor brake, sensors and cables as well as connector options. The integrated hollow shaft can be used to feed through supply lines or services for additional axes, enabling space saving designs with minimal installation requirements. A reinforced output bearing allows direct installation of heavy loads without further support and offers therefore an easy and space-saving design. Due to the corrosion protection and internal design, the series is ideal for use under extreme conditions (temperature, shock, vibration). When in operation, the AlopexDrive® Series which has a sinusodial three phase brushless winding, offers quiet, smooth, precise and reliable running in a compact volume. Used in extreme environments in applications for highly accurate positioning the drives function in a confined space very precise and reliable.