RH-mini Servo actuator without hollow shaft

Precision actuator with DC motor

The RH Series includes compact and high-torque DC servo actuators with a high rotational accuracy combining a speed reducer Harmonic Drive® for precision control and a DC servo motor.


  • High resolution of maximum 400,000 pulses/revolution (0.0009°/pulse) combining a Harmonic Drive®
  • The Harmonic Drive®eliminates backlash caused by gear play, assuring high-accuracy positioning.
  • High output. 0.69 Nm (maximum momentary torque achieved) by the smallest model RH-5A with outside dimensions of ?20 mm in diameter x 89 mm.

Performance range

Number of sizes 4
Ratio i [] 50 - 100
Maximum torque Tmax [Nm] 0,39 - 20
Maximum speed nmax [min-1] 50 - 180