Gearbox PMG

Small gearbox with flexible actuator configuration

PMG Series compact gearboxes are available in four sizes with gear ratios of 50, 72, 80, 88, 100 and 110: 1 offering repeatable peak torques from 0.3 to 14.7 Nm.

Small, economical gearbox

The PMG Series is available in two versions: the PMG-M Gearbox with input hub for motor adaptation and the PMG-S Gearbox with input shaft. Both variants come with on output shaft.

If required, the Gearboxes can be tailored to your application and can be easily mounted directly to standard servo motors. Zero backlash means short cycle times and high accuracy.

Performance range

Number of sizes 4
Ratio i [] 50 - 110
Repeated peak torque TR [Nm] 0,3 - 14,7
Maximum input speed nin (max) [min-1] 5000 - 10000