Gearbox CSF-2UP

Flat and light gearbox

CSF-2UP Mini Series Gearboxes are available in three sizes with the ratios 30, 50 and 100:1 offering repeatable peak torques from 1.8 up to 28 Nm.


Lightweight and space-saving design

The CSF-2UP Mini Gearboxes are extremely light and compact and provide high rigidity with the cross roller bearing connected directly to the output flange. This arrangement enables direct attachment of high payloads without further support and thus permits simple and space saving designs. On the input side, the gear is designed so that the motor can be attached by a simple flange for an extremely compact solution.

Performance range

Number of sizes 3
Ratio i [] 30 - 100
Repeated peak torque TR [Nm] 0,9 - 7,8
Maximum input speed nin (max) [min-1] 8500