SPS IPC Drives

Nürnberg, 27.-29.11.2018
Halle 4, Stand 240


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65 mm hollow shaft diameter for unimagined design possibilities 

In the global market, machine manufacturers are facing increasing pressure to develop more compact and cost effective machines and systems. Harmonic Drive AG has embraced this challenge and, with the CanisDrive® Series Servo Actuators, manages the balancing act between compactness and performance in an impressive way. The hollow shaft was the central feature during the development of the new CanisDrive®-50 and CanisDrive®-58 Series Servo Actuators. Here, the market demand for the largest possible hollow shaft was met and implemented with the development of new gear and servo motor concepts. Single-tooth wire-wrap techniques in segmented stator technology form the basis of the drive system. The motor’s power density was maximised by optimised laminations with a sophisticated insulation system and a high copper groove fill factor through orthocyclic winding.
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