harmonic_drive_strain_wave_gears harmonic_drive_strain_wave_gears

The Harmonic Drive ® Gear belongs to the group of strain wave gears. The Flexspline is slightly smaller in diameter than the Circular Spline resulting in it having two fewer teeth on its outer circumference. It is held in an elliptical shape by the Wave Generator and its teeth engage with the teeth of the Circular Spline across the major axis of the ellipse. As soon as the Wave Generator starts to rotate clockwise, the zone of the tooth engagement travels with the major elliptical axis. When the Wave Generator has turned through 180 degrees clockwise, the Flexspline has regressed by one tooth relative to the Circular Spline. Each turn of the Wave Generator moves the Flexspline two teeth anti-clockwise relative to the Circular Spline.

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The lightweight series

The CPL Series lightweight gear component sets, Characterised by Their low moment of inertia and lightweight design, are available in five sizes with gear ratios of 50, 80, 100, 120 and 160: 1 offering repeatable peak torques from 18 to 372 Nm and a power density of up to 735 Nm / kg.

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harmonic_drive_strain_wave_gears harmonic_drive_strain_wave_gears

Zero backlash

Harmonic Drive ® Gears boast no increase in backlash throughout their lifetime.

Excellent positioning accuracy and repeatability

Harmonic Drive ® Gears come with excellent positioning accuracy of less than one minute of arc and a repeatability of a few arc seconds.

Small size and light weight

Harmonic Drive ® Gears are much more compact and lighter than conventional gears.

Central hollow shaft

Harmonic Drive ® Gears offer the possibility of a central hollow shaft. Cables, supply lines, laser beams, etc., can be easily passed through the hollow shaft.

High rations in one stage

With only three components, ratios from 30:1 to 320:1 can be achieved in one stage.

High reliability and long life

Harmonic Drive strain wave gears reach far higher mean time between failures (MTBF) values than other gear types.