SHA Servo actuator with hollow shaft

Highest power density and lifelong precision

The SHA series AC Servo Actuators provide high torque and highly accurate rotary operation. These AC Servo Actuators are each composed of HarmonicDrive® speed reducer for precision control and a super flat AC servo motor. Three different gear types provide maximum flexibility in adapting the drives to the requirements of the application.

Maximum torque capacity with largest hollow shaft

The SHA Series features an unmatched compact hollow shaft design. Entire machine and equipment structures can be simplified by passing wires, pipes and laser beams through a hole in the center of the actuator. Additionally, output bearing, type of speed reducer, motor winding and others components can be selected. Depending on the requirement, it is possible to choose highly dynamic planetary gear or precision strain wave gear. The SHA Series features a wide variant of components to meet various needs.  

Plage de puissance

Nombre de tailles 6
Rapport i [] 11 - 161
Couple maximum Tmax [Nm] 26 - 3419
Vitesse maximum nmax [min-1] 17 - 509
Diamètre de l'arbre creux dH [mm] 17 - 65