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March 2023 News

Actuators for reliable use in Additive Manufacturing

A driving force of industry: Additive manufacturing. Alongside the guiding principle of Industry 4.0, additive manufacturing techniques, including 3D printing, are seen as giving a major pioneering boost to the industrial sector and beyond.

Precision & Reliability

Greater cost-effectiveness, personalisation and individualisation, lightweight products and unprecedented forming potential are the central characteristics of additive manufacturing. However, in order to achieve these goals, processes such as selective laser melting, laser cladding and wire feed electron deposition require drive elements that meet the challenges of precision and reliability.

Finest Layer Heights

"Additive manufacturing processes such as selective laser melting, or SLM for short, place particularly high demands on the precision of their drive elements. With our actuators, finest layer heights can be achieved without the thread of random deviations caused by backlash. Additionally, the large hollow shaft can be used to feed through the linear drive and reduce the dimensions of the machine," explains Helge Möhlmann, Regional Sales Engineer at Harmonic Drive SE.


Original post via LinkedIn: Driving Force of Industry, Additive Manufacturing