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August 2022

For environmental protection – Harmonic Drive SE provides habitat for bees



Bees are essential for maintaining biodiversity and an intact ecosystem. Over 75 percent of all useful and cultivated plants depend on pollination by bees. We have the little helpers to thank for the availability of a large part of our foodstuffs such as fruits and vegetables as well as nuts and oils. This makes the honey bee the third most important farm animal after pigs and cattle - but it faces an enormous threat. Cleared landscapes without hedges and wildflowers, as well as the use of pesticides and overfertilization, are taking their toll on bees. As a result, an average of 20 percent of bee colonies die each year.

For this reason, Harmonic Drive SE has made it its mission to protect existing bee populations. Therefore, five bee colonies from the Limburg Schafsberg beekeeping company have moved into our company premises in recent weeks, from which regional summer blossom honey can soon be harvested.

"Economy, ecology and social issues - with a commitment at these levels, it becomes possible for companies to reconcile economic activity with the preservation of our ecosystems and social responsibility," says Thomas Berger, CEO of Harmonic Drive SE.


Beehives on the premises of Harmonic Drive SE in Limburg an der Lahn


About Limburger Schafsberg Beekeeping

Honey that tastes like home - this can be found at the Limburger Schafsberg Beekeeping. With regional honey from the direct environment of the Limburger Schafsberg and the Lahntal around Limburg beekeeper Stefan Becker inspires his customers. Each spring and summer, the honey is harvested and stored according to the location of the bees. In 2018, his spring blossom honey was awarded silver and his summer blossom honey even gold at the honey awards of the Rhineland-Palatinate Chamber of Agriculture.