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Passionate about Quality

Quality goals

Continuous exceptional product quality combined with an individual, tailor made design service are the requirements of quality at Harmonic Drive SE.

To achieve this goal, Harmonic Drive SE has implemented a quality management system at an early stage. Planning, management and monitoring of individual activities are regularly checked for effectiveness. This information is frequently examined and opportunities for continuous improvement are identified.

Our quality checks also identify the annual determination of general and process-oriented goals and the definition of clear responsibilities for goal attainment and in our manufacturing processes, we ensure high quality through the continuous monitoring of production conditions, examining all quality influencing factors.

With our DIN ISO 9001 certification, we meet both industrial requirements and even more demanding requests from the special environments. We also comply with other requirements for environmental management and safety at work which are reviewed annually.



The basis for the implementation of our credible strategies is tailored to our customers, their markets and corporate cultures. This builds on the long tradition of Harmonic Drive SE providing established, stable structures, guaranteeing customers and staff a reliable and binding partnership which allows for future sustainable customer and employee relationships.

For companies to be environmentally and socially responsible, they must also operate economically. Therefore, the entrepreneurial activities of Harmonic Drive SE, which are planned for the long term, are tied to profitable, healthy, on-going, sustainable growth.

To develop long lasting and energy efficient products using high quality materials and manufacturing processes is an important component that can only be achieved with competent and motivated employees. Therefore, a high level of competence is assured by a sustainable human development. The education of young people and the continuous training of the employees remains a high priority.



A resource efficient production in conjunction with the development of long lasting and energy efficient products is an important part of our corporate philosophy.

This process begins with research and development in the areas of materials, tribology and storage technologies as well as machining and assembly techniques in which significant progress is constantly being made.

In the manufacturing sector we continuously focus on how to increase our productivity and throughput and reduce production costs, whilst always keeping in mind issues such as environmental protection and occupational safety.

Our plant expansion in 2013 has placed an important focus on the use of renewable energy. Cooling and heating using geothermal energy and the use of LED technology are contributing to a good environmental balance.



Corporate Guidelines

Competent and committed staff working in an environment of a positive corporate culture guarantee our success. Through this positive corporate culture, employees are motivated and work well as a team. The result brings a high customer focus and customer loyalty. The principles of this corporate culture are recorded in our corporate guideline.

Guideline for the Safety Policy

The aim of an occupational health and safety management system is the continuous improvement of occupational health and safety and the prevention of accidents. The Safety Policy of the Harmonic Drive SE is supported by all employees. It defines the responsibility of the company to its employees and to their consequent focus on implementation of these policies.

Guideline for Environmental Policy

Harmonic Drive SE considers environmental protection as an important component of corporate governance and ensures that this is taken into account in all functions and at all levels in concrete goals and behaviors. From its start, Harmonic Drive SE committed to a resource efficient operation and complies with all relevant laws, regulations and obligations.