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Medical technology

It is not only world class athletes who want to be fit again quickly after an operation, and today in most cases, recovery is being supported by more technologies which permit targeted training of the body parts affected. The secret of success is programmable movement sequences which can be implemented via a precision actuator. Reliable and precise drive technology is also a fundamental design requirement in the field of surgery.

Low noise and compact

Whether in imaging systems, surgical robots or exoskeletons, modern actuator solutions serve a wide range of solutions in the field of medical engineering. Harmonic Drive® actuators fulfil industry-specific requirements, enable low-noise operation, and display a high level of positioning accuracy. Thanks to their compact construction, they have shown themselves to be extremely space saving when integrated in component constructions.

Where humans reach the limits of their ability

The medical engineering sector is also of great importance in the context of social activities that are of general importance to society. It challenges and promotes the development of a wide range of key technologies and comes into play in areas where a task’s complexity goes beyond normal human ability. The apparatus and components in use in this innovative industry must be able to meet the stringent requirements.

Safety is top priority

Activities conducted on and for the benefit of people naturally require a high level of control, particularly in terms of safety and quality. Medical engineering products are subject to harmonised standards and must be able to comply with a whole series of legal requirements and framework conditions. This above all concerns technical components, including gears, whose demands leave room for no alternatives regarding such attributes as zero backlash, precision and quiet running.

Passive operation as a key component

Harmonic Drive® gears in the SHD, SHG and CSG series are employed in robot joints and other places. Not only do they perform in accordance with technical and legal specifications, but they also fulfil another essential criterion: they can be moved passively. This makes such gears very suitable for use in axes that are particularly safety relevant: they are designed to be operated manually when required, thus ensuring the patient safety under all power conditions.

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Highly compact with large hollow shaft

Products of the SHD Series are available in six sizes with gear ratios of 50, 80, 100, 120 and 160:1 offering repeatable peak torques from 12 to 453 Nm.