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June 2018

High precision for handling systems


High precision gearing specialist Harmonic Drive UK has launched its CSG-2A Series Component Set. The strain wave gear has been designed for highly dynamic applications, like mechanical handling equipment in production and processing plants, to offer maximum torque density and lifetime precision.

To ensure high reproducible component quality, gear systems must be able to provide maximum precision. The CSG Series has been built with the requirements for dynamic applications in mind and offers lifetime precision, featuring zero backlash with very high transmission and positioning accuracy.

The Harmonic Drive® component set consists of a Circular Spline, Flexspline and Wave Generator, so that it can be easily integrated by design engineers into an application. The set has ten sizes to choose from with gear ratios ranging from 50 to 160:1, offering peak torques from 23 to 3419 Nm and a torque density of 260 to 545 Nm/kg.

"When handling components, gear systems used in the equipment must be able to provide highly dynamic acceleration and deceleration, as well as quickly span traverse paths at high speeds," explains Graham Mackrell, managing director of Harmonic Drive UK. "More importantly, in the event of a collision, any shock loads should cause as little damage as possible."

"It is for this reason that we created the CSG Series with a 30 per cent increase in collision torque. This feature makes them the ideal choice for handling equipment as it offers a significantly higher resistance to shock loads than standard strain wave gears.

"The high load capacity of the gear has been achieved without hindering the gear's service life. In fact, our research shows that the CSG Series can last up to 40 per cent longer than a standard gear."

Typically, so that the components can move in the confined machine compartment, handling systems are required to be as compact as possible. The high torque density of the CSG Series Sets, however, means that the space requirements in the gear system are reduced. This allows engineers to design more compact actuators, depending on the needs of their application.

For more information and advice on how high precision gearing can deliver maximum performance in your application, call Harmonic Drive UK on +44 (0) 1785 245 190.

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