Intelligent design with SERVOsoft®

With SERVOsoft® you can design Harmonic Drive® products efficiently and conveniently for your application. You are guided through the actuator sizing in just a few steps; if required, our experts will support you with the calculation.

Efficient drive design with SERVOsoft®

1. Specific drive design

The Harmonic Drive® version of the SERVOsoft® program considers the special features of shaft gear design, such as calculation of gear life, resonant frequency, output bearing life, as well as stiffness-based drive design according to Harmonic Drive® specifications.

2. Selection of different sequences and motion profiles

SERVOsoft® supports you in entering application-specific motion profiles based on trapezoidal profile or triangular profile including S-curving and jerk-limited motions. Also, motion and load profiles measured or mathematically simulated in the application can be imported from Excel or CSV files. View motion profile in sequence diagram including position, velocity, torque, current, power, etc.

3. Almost any application modeled by mechanisms

Thanks to different drive mechanisms, almost any application can be modeled, such as rotary table, belt drive, conveyor belt, spindle and pinion-rack drives. Time-vapparying loads such as different loading conditions, external machining forces and asymmetrical loads can be calculated.

Precisely dimensioned

Do you want to precisely dimension a drive for your application? Have existing requirements for your system changed and you need to redefine the system? Or do you have a completely new application?

Use the indispensable tool SERVOsoft® combined with the gears and servo actuators from Harmonic Drive SE. Together with Harmonic Drive SE, design your systems and actuators precisely and according to the requirements of the respective application. Due to the possibility of an electrical as well as mechanical design we can design the complete drive system. Complex load sequences or motion profiles can be easily entered.

Drive solutions for a wide range of applications
can be designed and documented efficiently and conveniently with SERVOsoft.

– Niklas Hebgen, Product Management

The optimal drive solution

By designing with SERVOsoft®, the individual components of the drive system are ideally matched to each other. For example, the motor can be ideally dimensioned to the gearbox and the application, and life cycle costs are minimized.

New product selection

If a product does not fit the application due to dimensions or similar, a new selection of a suitable product can be made with a few clicks. A direct visual representation of the utilisation is shown.

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