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December 2022 News

IHD servo actuators form compact robot drive system

A compact, highly integrated all-in-one solution lacks power? The IHD disproves this hypothesis.

Reliable integration in different axes

One system, countless possibilities - but the servo actuators of the IHD series are predestined in particular for applications in robotics, automation and handling.

The IHD series drives follow the "Ease of Use" concept and thus offer easy integration of the system into existing surrounding constructions. In addition, the adequate dimensioning of the perfectly matched system components, including motor, gearbox, controller and motor feedback system, prevents a complex individual design of the different components. The serial connection of several drives in the style of a daisy chain can further reduce cable expenditure, while the large, central hollow shaft of the Smart System IHD allows pneumatics, cables and various media to be fed through.

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