Discontinued Series

CHA-C Servo actuator with hollow shaft

Precision output bearing and flexible motor feedback systems

CHA-C Series Hollow Shaft Servo Actuators combine a synchronous servo motor, Unit from the CPU-H Series, feedback sensor and a high capacity precision output bearing. Available in four sizes with gear ratios between 30 and 160:1, the bespoke servo actuators can provide maximum torques from 27 to 647 Nm. The output bearing with high tilting capacity often allows direct attachment of heavy payloads without the need for further support, thereby providing simple and space saving design installations.

Hollow shaft diameter

18 - 42

Maximum speed

25 - 200

Maximum torque

27 - 1840


30 - 160

Number of sizes


Many possible combinations

To adapt to your specific application, the CHA-C Series offers many possible combinations when selecting the motor winding, motor feedback, brake, various sensors and cable as well as connector options. By combining the CHA-C Actuators with the specially adapted YukonDrive® Servo Controllers, it is possible to provide a single source supply for a pre-configured drive system tailored to suit your application. Alternatively, the flexible configuration of the actuator ensures compatibility with almost any servo controller on the market.

Space saving designs with minimal installation dimensions

The integrated hollow shaft can be used to feed through supply lines or services for additional axes, enabling space saving designs with minimal installation dimensions required. With a reinforced output bearing offering maximum tilting rigidity, the actuators can easily absorb and accurately guide heavy payloads. The accurate positioning of the actuator ensures stable machine characteristics, increased operating reliability and consistent quality. With high protection ratings and corrosion resistance, the series is perfectly suited for use in harsh and demanding environmental conditions.


  • Measuring and testing machines
  • Machine tools
  • Glasworking


  • Positioning systems for environmental simulation
  • Grinding machines
  • Glas forming machines
  • Waterjet cutting machines
  • Coordinate measuring machines



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