Existing Series

RSF Mini Servo actuator

Precision actuator with synchronous motor in 24V - 48V construction

RSF Mini Series Servo Actuators combine a synchronous servo motor and a CSF Gearbox to create a highly dynamic compact servo actuator. Available in five sizes with gear ratios of 30, 50 and 100:1, the small precision actuators can provide a maximum torque from 0.13 to 28 Nm.

Maximum speed

60 - 333

Maximum torque

0,13 - 28


30 - 100

Number of sizes


Stable machine characteristics

The accurate positioning of the actuator ensures stable machine characteristics and short cycle times. By combining the RSF Mini Actuators with the specially adapted HA-680 Servo Controllers, it is possible to provide a single source supply for a pre-configured drive system tailored to suit your application. The RSF Mini Series is also compatible with many common servo controllers on the market.


  • Optical equipment
  • Industrial robots, automation and handling
  • Measuring and testing machines
  • Semiconductor


  • 3D Laser scanners
  • Handling and positioning
  • Clamping and gripping
  • Coordinate measuring machines
  • Wafer handling robots



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