Existing Series

Gears with output bearing HFUC-2UH

Standard series in a range of sizes

HFUC-2UH Gears with output bearing are available in thirteen sizes with gear ratios of 30, 50, 80, 120 and 160:1 offering repeatable peak torques from 9 to 9180 Nm.

Maximum input speed
nin (max)

2000 - 8500

Repeated peak torque

9 - 6840


30 - 160

Number of sizes


Torque range from 9 to 6840 Nm

The output bearing with high tilting rigidity enables the direct introduction of high payloads without further support and thus permits simple and space saving design installations.

Extended temperature range

If required, the Gears with output bearing are available as specific configurations tailored to your application and can utilise standard servo motors. Gears with output bearing and motor together form a compact and lightweight system capable of withstanding high loads. On request, the series is available for ambient temperatures between -40 and 90 °C and can be used with a large selection of special lubricants tailored to your application. Due to the Gears with output bearing positioning accuracy, stable machine characteristics with short cycle times are guaranteed.


  • Machine tools
  • Industrial robots, automation and handling
  • Medical technology
  • Special environments
  • Plastic machinery


  • Dental milling machines
  • Industrial robots
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Pan- and Tilt equipment
  • Injection moulding machines



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