Planetary gears HPN

The economic planetary gears

The HPN Series Planetary Gears are available in five sizes with thirteen gear ratios between 3 and 50:1 offering repeated peak torque from 9 to 752 Nm with a backlash of just 5 to 7 arcmin, this gear series is ideal for low backlash applications. The outstanding price to performance ratio offers a precision gear solution where low backlash and cost represent a combined value.

Maximum input speed
nin (max)

6000 - 10000

Repeated peak torque

9 - 750


3 - 50

Number of sizes


Getting started with Harmonic Drive® Precision

HPN Series is built around a helical gearing concept. It exhibits very smooth running and is extremely quiet. To support your application load, the gears are provided with two widely spaced bearings on the output side. The gears are available with standard flanges for various motor types. Based on a combination of high torque capacity and low backlash, HPN Planetary Gears offer a compact solution for your application. Standard servomotors can be simply coupled to the lifetime lubricated gears. With the introduction of the new HPN Series of precision gears we extend our portfolio to supply additional customer cost benefits.


  • Packaging machines
  • Machine tools
  • Industrial robots, automation and handling


  • Plastic and woodworking machines
  • Handling and positioning



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