Harmonic Drive® SolutionKit®

Faster cycle times, better quality and higher accuracy in conjunction with a high degree of customisation - these are the requirements of today’s customer. This is clearly demonstrated by the increasing demand for smaller production batch sizes. However, it is also necessary to keep costs low and to reduce these by overall standardisation whilst continuing to develop and implement solutions within a defined time frame.

Various technologies for gears, motors, feedback system, output bearings and other components are designed in such a way that they can be used in different modular combinations. SolutionKit® from Harmonic Drive SE enables bespoke gearing solutions to be realised with a high degree of individualisation within a short period of time.


This flexibility requires a correspondingly high level of expertise in the design stage in order to ensure mechanical compatibility (form and position tolerances), environmental effects (corrosion protection, sealing concept) and internal compatibility (contact corrosion through varying electrochemical potential).

Since the modularisation takes place within our facility, it is not necessary to rely on standard interfaces, allowing for a high degree of integration. Adaptation of the interfaces, for example, between the engine and transmission remains flexible while the technologically sophisticated elements such as gears kit, motor winding and rotor can be accepted.


The bespoke gearing SolutionKit® from Harmonic Drive SE is continually being expanded with new components, important criteria for incorporation into the system are market expectations and customer requirements.


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