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Robotics and Automation

Robots have for a long time been taking over tasks which are too monotonous for humans to produce to the highest quality. With modern programming and performance improvements from drive technology, these helpers are now entering fields which were unthinkable a short while ago. This cooperation between man and robot has become an important trend in recent years – one meets each other in some sense.

A leading discipline of the 21st century

Dynamics, precision and autonomy – the requirements profile of robots is increasing constantly. Both the success of the field of robotics and the increasing acceptance it enjoys are down to the mechanical performance and the constant development of the software and sensory systems. The highly modern actuator components and, to an increasing extent, the technical safety features enable robots to be used reliably and, above all, safely. This explains why the technology it is based on has become one of the leading disciplines of the 21st century.

Reliable power transmission

There is one factor in particular that is of decisive importance to the actuator and of fundamental significance to the robot’s functionality and quality – the safe and reliable transmission of power. The precision gears in the SHG-2UH/2SO/2SH series by Harmonic Drive SE are predestined for use in dynamic and precise applications in both industrial robots and ‘friendly’ collaborative robots. Thanks to their tilt resistant output bearing, they facilitate simple and space-saving construction while offering a hollow shaft through which supply lines, shafts and other media can be passed.

Compact, light and precise

Where flexible production structures are required, it is important that collaborative and small robots can be employed in a manner that is just as flexible and variable. This places clear demands on gear and actuator manufacturers; compactness, low weight, precision, maximum performance data and minimum construction volume are the attributes required. The detailed simulations in the design of gears and bearings in Harmonic Drive® products serve to ensure that the solutions created are not only highly efficient but also space saving.

Multi-sector applications

While robots used to be found only in large production halls, the spectrum of applications in the field of robotics now stretches to a range of industries and applications. Whether in medicine or logistics or as service robots in industry, medical engineering or private households, the variety of products that are now available open up new ways of performing tasks with increasing cost-effectiveness and efficiency. In addition, collaborative robots have an enormous influence on expanding the spectrum of application.

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Robot Gear Units

The units of the SHG series are ideal for highly dynamic applications, such as in robot axes. This is supported by: enormous torque density, high-tilt output bearing, lifelong precision and zero backlash.