AlopexDrive Servo Actuator

The biggest hollow shaft for extreme environmental conditions

Servo drives in the AlopexDrive series with central shaft consist of a synchronous servo motor – specifically designed for use in mobile applications and operation under extreme environmental conditions – along with a CPU-H gear unit with output bearing. It is available in six sizes and six gear ratios between 30 and 160 and has a maximum torque of between 9 and 647 Nm.

Hollow shaft diameter

12 - 39

Maximum speed

25 - 283

Maximum torque

9 - 647


30 - 160

Number of sizes


Central hollow shaft and tilt-rigid output bearing

Of all of its numerous features, the essential structural element of the large central hollow shaft is particularly noteworthy. This fundamental component considerably simplifies construction in many applications, resulting in considerable savings in both time and cost. The output bearing features high tilting rigidity and enables direct attachment of large payloads without additional support, in a simple and space-saving construction. Thanks to its internal structure, high safety class and corrosion protection, the series is ideally suitable for use under extreme conditions (temperature, shock, vibration). The AlopexDrive series with its symmetrical, sinusoidal, three-phase system features a very low level of operating noise and highly synchronous running characteristics.

Numerous combinations possible

The AlopexDrive features numerous configuration options that enable it to be adapted to your particular system. These include the choice of motor windings, motor feedback system and brake, as well as various sensors, cables and plug connectors. This configurational flexibility means that the system is compatible with virtually every servo controller on the market. Used under extreme environmental conditions in applications requiring exact positioning, the actuators operate extremely precisely and reliably even in narrow spaces.


  • Special environments
  • Aerospace
  • Communications engineering
  • Optical equipment
  • Defense


  • Surveillance systems
  • Pan and tilt equipment
  • Gimbal equipment
  • Antenna positioning
  • Camera positioning



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