FLA Servo Actuator with solid shaft

Ultra flat and ultra light

The servo actuator of the FLA Series consists of a brushless DC motor and a precision gear with output bearing. The series offers maximum torque between 1.8 Nm and 34 Nm and is available in four sizes.

Voltage range

24 and 48

Maximum speed

50 - 500

Maximum torque

1,8 - 34


8 - 100

Number of sizes


Flexibility in gear selection

The new ultra flat and ultra light FLA Series combines a high precision and high performance gear with a compact and high efficient brushless DC motor. The FLA Series is equipped with either our highly dynamic and efficient Harmonic Drive Planetary Gear or with our high precision and high torque Harmonic Drive® strain wave gear.

Many possible combinations

The FLA series is ideal for a variety of applications such as wheel drives for automated guided vehicle or articulated drives in exoskeletons. The highly efficient brushless DC motor is available in two voltage levels 24VDC or 48VDC and therefore ideally suited for battery powered applications.


  • Robot and assistive systems

  • Handling and automation
  • Medical


  • Automated guided vehicle

  • Production assistance
  • Exoskeleton
  • Rehabilitation



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