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November 2022 News

UKCA implementation obligation postponed until end of 2024

The labelling obligation of technical products for compliance with United Kingdom regulations (UKCA) has been postponed.

Introduction postponed by government

In September of this year, we had informed our mechatronics customers that due to the applicable British laws, we will also provide all mechatronic products such as servo actuators and servo controllers, which currently bear a CE mark, with an additional UKCA adhesive label from 01.01.2023 at the latest.

The background to this was the announcement by the government of the United Kingdom that from 01.01.2023 the European CE marking will no longer be valid in England, Wales and Scotland. In its place, the new UKCA standard (United Kingdom Conformity Assessed) will apply. The entry into force of this legislation was postponed by the UK government for two years in November 2022. This means that the CE mark will remain valid in the UK market until 31.12.2024.

Nevertheless, we have decided not to postpone the implementation by 2 years, but to introduce the UKCA label successively in the course of 2023.