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Under the roughest conditions, with the greatest responsibility, and round the clock – defence system applications are faced with a whole series of specific challenges. Radar systems, reconnaissance aircraft and ground defences rely on Harmonic Drive® gears to ensure the protection of the people. They fulfil industry-specific standards, with life-long precision and zero backlash that ensure that the sector’s strict requirements profile is duly fulfilled.

The highest demands

Military technology is in a state of transformation. Whether in the air, on land or in water, both security conditions and the complexity of present & future threats are constantly rising. This is in turn increasing the need for new and further developments in the defence industry. Wherever maximum requirements of precision and performance density meet the need to protect human life, there is no alternative than to employ reliable components.

Precision for military technology and defence

Harmonic Drive® gears and servo drives are predestined for a diverse range of applications in the field of defence systems and military technology. As fundamental mechanical components, they ensure the precise detection and pursuit of objects in surveillance systems, operate swivel axes in defence systems and are used in force feedback applications in reconnaissance aircraft. They are even used in terror prevention and disaster control.

Use under extreme conditions

Defence technology applications are frequently required to withstand extreme conditions in which the integrated components are called upon to prove themselves even more. The Harmonic Drive® servo actuator in the AlopexDrive® series is specially developed for use in such environments. Designed for use in such rough conditions, it is not only capable of performing in all situations and withstanding impact and vibration, but it requires only little space to display guaranteed precise and reliable operation.

Expert consultancy

Because defence applications place great demands on reliability and precision, are employed under the toughest of conditions and are subject to immense regulations, it is of great importance to obtain due advice when selecting components. In individual cases, it may be necessary to determine the characteristics that are required to ensure optimum integration and functionality within the overall system.

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Servo Actuators with hollow shaft

Servo drives in the AlopexDrive® series with central shaft consist of a synchronous servo motor – specifically designed for use in mobile applications and operation under extreme environmental conditions – along with a CPU-H gear unit with output bearing.