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In our download area you find comprehensive information about our products and our company. You find product-specific downloads, such as configuration manuals, brochures and software as well as information about quality management and purchasing conditions.

In addition you find our catalogue which offers you a complete product overview or our designer's handbook with numerous application examples or you can download our customer magazine newdrive with up-to-date information about our company.


Our current products described in detail - ask for our catalogue.

Construction manual

It is always fascinating in which applications Harmonic Drive® products are used.

Persona de contacto

Julia Wypich
Harmonic Drive AG
- Headquarter -
Hoenbergstraße 14
65555 Limburg/Lahn
El contacto directo
Fon: +49 6431 5008-0
Fax: +49 6431 5008-119

Engineering Data


  • CHA

    Download the CAD-Data of the product here.

  • FHA-C

    Download the CAD-Data of the product here.

  • FFA

    Download the CAD-Data of the product here.

  • FPA

    Download the CAD-Data of the product here.


Revista Newdrive para cliente Harmonic Drive AG

  • PDF-Preview

    newdrive 03/2017

    • Developed to meet your needs
    • Small but powerful
    • Thinking global
    • Norimitsu Ito joins Board as COO
  • PDF-Preview

    newdrive 02/2017

    • A hand for precision
    • Two products for maximum performance in minimum space
    • Accurate imaging when it counts
    • Our drive is the market
  • PDF-Preview

    newdrive 01/2016

    • As you like
    • Actuators or Direct Drives?
    • Mechatronic innovations
    • Optimise supply chains
  • PDF-Preview

    newdrive 03/2016

    • The power of the rings
    • High performance gears
    • Compact actuators
    • New media, new changes


  • Setup Software WorkBenchv5 for SC-610 (englisch)

  • Setup Software DBSC for SC-500/510 (HA-400) (englisch)

  • PSF-520 Communication Software (englisch)

  • DriveManager for YukonDrive, Version 5

Further Downloads