harmonic_drive_servo_actuators harmonic_drive_servo_actuators

In many areas of industry, the quality of the final product depends on the precise production of the servo actuators, ranging from integration into machine tools over their use in automation technology to measurement and testing technology. The ever increasing demands on servo actuation require perfect chemistry between the motor, gear, sensor and controller.Harmonic Drive ® Servo Actuators are a combination of highly dynamic compact servo motors, precision gears and integral tilt resistant high load capacity output bearings. All components are perfectly matched and combined into one complete solution resulting in the highest positioning accuracy and maximum performance with the smallest dimensions.

The central control feature of Harmonic Drive ® Servo Systems is the closed loop position feedback.  Only a targeted control of manipulated variables such as rotational speed, angular position and acceleration enables precise movements and adaptation to different requirements.Here, the unique strain wave principle of the gear used has a high rigidity, a positioning accuracy of a few arc seconds and an extremely long life without backlash. The central hollow shaft can be used for hosting the supply lines or drive shafts through the centre of the servo actuator. This property simplifies the construction in many applications, thus saving design and assembly time.

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CanisDrive® – the Benchmark for Power Density, Precision and Long Life

With the first use of CobaltLine® generation gears in a servo actuator, Harmonic Drive AG enters new dimensions with the CanisDrive® Series in terms of torque density, durability and reliability.

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harmonic_drive_servo_actuators harmonic_drive_servo_actuators

Flexibility in use

Of course, the servo actuators can be easily integrated into existing systems. The motor feedback systems of Harmonic Drive AG are not only designed to be compatible to controllers from other manufacturers, but also for the high demands of the industry. And for applications where precision and high torque are required at relatively low to medium speeds, Harmonic Drive ® Direct Drives offer a practical alternative - Hollow shaft included!